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An in depth description of his or her activities is necessary, together with information as to the sort and quantity of payment(s) received, similar to wages, stipend, expense allowance, and reimbursement of out-of-pocket bills. If, however, the service individual's description of duties is equivocal or apparently inaccurate, or if it reveals actions not readily correlated to jobs within the civilian community, corroborative data is critical. The controlling factor in these instances is an goal evaluation of the work exercise itself, and not the service individual's duty status, or whether or not or not a formal therapy program is concerned. Also, in a few of these referred circumstances the period of labor actually lasted longer than the 9 months allowed by regulation for TWP functions. Review of the instances referred has not shown that a UWA of over 6 months is warranted. Instructions added, nonetheless, that in "unusual circumstances," a discovering of UWA could be made, with such cases referred for postadjudicative examine.

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